Numerology Can Help Our Animal Friends?!

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Numerology can help us better understand and assist  ourselves and our animal friends …

(Read the story about how we combined Numerology and Animal Communication to help a baby boy and his beloved large dog live together successfully! See eBook tab)
Joanne Justis of  is offering us enhanced life insight.  She suggsts that through her charts and counseling, we can grow in understanding and success.  Likely areas of inquiry are  personal. professional, and relationship clarity, and even  relations with our animal companions.  She further indicates that their behavior and health, can, through numrological application, be improved. 
 Joanne shares  that she can help choose, with this system based on sound and phonics, the best names and best spellings for animals and business.  She says the  vibrations set up through sounds create a life road-map which we most certinly  will fulfill.  She says our numerology is connected to our birth dates and names and we are, quite literally, living out these formulas.
I am imagining that we can alter our paths dramatically with a bit  of new knowledge and creativity!
Consider that all creation  is deemed to have occurred through the Creator’s spoken commands.  Our own repetitive languaging must be equally opportune in the creation of our daily experience/relationships.   Scientists and other sound healers are using numerical sound codes and their tones, among other uses, to heal damaged DNA. 
 (Winterhawk Note:   Chaldean numerology’s system dates to 4,000 B.C.  That is reliable and sustainable service, friends!  It differs from the Western system, which is alphabetically based.  In much the same way that original ancient sound scales held creative tones and more recent ones have had certain intervals replaced thereby altering their (and subsequently our) creative power, the most common alphabet /numerology systems are based in languages not empowered by original intentional, creative vibrations. 
Multitudinous  information is available on these structural changes, purposes and their ramifications.
 So …  the Chaldean system is then both more accurate, and more powerful an intentional creative  and  life  “roadmap assessment” tool.)
I say, we might get over to Joanne’s site and learn what we can discover about ourselves and our animals, about creating and healing our lives togther through intention,, vision, and self-understanding . Joanne can help us access  ancient wisdom that can well benfit us, and our nimal friends, today.
Learn more and schedule your sessions with Joanne at:

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