Hello, Friends!

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AnnTorresArt Welcome to my new site/ blog !

This site is best viewed in Mozilla Firefox!!

Animals appear in our lives as profound friends and equally loving teachers. I welcome your questions, small format pix and testimonials per your experiences with Consultations,  Energy Healings and  Amazon Herbs.

Please email them to me:

I look forward to an interactive experience with you all, here, and to Commune-icating with you and your animal friends.

“Leonardo got his new horse shoes on yesterday and was so sweet and quiet throughout.  I can tell he is already more comfortable.  He even gave me a kiss, which he had never done, ever.  Since he was born, this was a thing he would never ever do, and yesterday he did it on his own.
Your communication is AMAZING!!!!!!!”

~Ann Torrez, CA    (View Ann’s animal art throughout this site)

Your comments/contributions are welcome and will be moderated, with the overall goal of uplifting both hearts and consciousness.  Please focus on/create  the positive world we wish All Beings to experience.


  1. Comment by deniseschultz:

    How great to see your site up and all your kinds of work brought together in one place.  Congratulations!

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