Ella ~ Cat Healing “Made a world of difference for me in the holidays . . . “

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Update Call on 1/1/10:
Touching base with you in the New Year to let you know that Ella (Cat) is doing just absolutely great.
It took 2 months to get her really turned around completely so I felt comfortable that she was better.
I was thinking so often of putting her to sleep so much at that  one pointafter coming close to passing.
Your advise via consultation to wait a few days made all the difference. I appreciate your suggestions, wisdom, and emaills.
I will be ordering more of the delicious and nourishing Treasure Tea, too, for both of us.
Thanks and appreciation for all your help. It has made a world of difference for me in the holidays and in starting a new year to have my fuzzy, furry companion here with me and looking top notch.
J.R., CA

Ella lived into the end of March, despite thyroid and other challenges having a pretty good time of it overall. She communicated several times quite clearly her intention to continue, and asked that no major or further lifesaving interventions be made.  She opted out of  “spending her good time remaining recuperating” from a possible surgery.  Instead she gave thanks that the footwork of her care be done but that the “up and downs of symptoms be just what was happening, not the focus of concern”.  Life and her Mom were to be what was most important, so she requested we observe her most often with our highest awareness, seking and praising of all that was working well.
 These last few days have been very difficult. I have never had to put a pet to sleep before … when I was little, my cats died of “natural causes” or my dad (a veterinarian) put our dogs to sleep when it was time. However, I myself have never had to make that decision.
God bless you, Winterhawk, for your assistance in communicating with Ella after her passing.

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