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Extraordinary results: Amazon Herbs and Idotarod Sled Dogs
Extraordinary Results:  Amazon Herbs and Idotarod Sled Dogs

Hi, friends!  One of my great passions is to support animals, people, our economy, and the Peruvian rainforest through the sharing of Amazon Herbs, superb You-Can-Eat Them-Daily-Wild Foods formulas!

I do so as an Independent Associate of Amazon Herb Co. 

My Herbal Consultations are free of charge  for animals and for people.

Come visit  my site at  You can email me to request dox or mp3s about Animals and Amazon Herbs, and about People and Amazon Herbs. Even about Acupuncture and our Herbs!

I’ve started putting the following in the cats and dogs’  water bowl: Treasure Tea, Digestazon, Sumacazon, Recovazon. Our cat, Clementine, doesn’t seem to have any more blood in her stool!  Many Thanks!      

 ~L., NY

Our testimonials include improved health and behavior in all species. Read testimonials more about …how a certain tree sap tends to heal the digestive tract-ulcers and the gums… a certain little berry helped a herpes virus-laden dying cat return to vitality…and about the cat whose big wounds  didn’t abcess, a rattler-bitten dog  non-responsive to antidote who got back on the trail the next day…a dog who was stung by  Man O’ War and lived to swim again…and about the amazing “firsts” with an Herb-eating Iditarod dogsled team!

Amazon Herbs compatible to issue, as suggested in telepathic communication with B. Hoedown ,produced great relief for horse and person:  A  horse  treated for colic 6 times in a month or so,  never again after beginning his Herbs!
B. Hoedown, a gray TB stallion who is19 years old this month,  had colic surgery and then started to colic in a more frequent basis over the past 5 years.  I had to keep a banamine shot on hand at the barn at all times so I could give him a shot at the first sign of colic – it takes 45 minutes to take effect – and that gave the vet some time to respond.  The colic episodes got so bad two winters ago the vet was out 6 times in 3 months to tube him.  They thought he had melanoma tumors in his gut because he was in such frequent distress.  At that time, his manure had the texture and shape of toothpaste.  He used to attack any horse who walked by his paddock – he was described as hostile by some of the boarders. The stallion’s behavior had been getting worse – nervous, high strung, running the fence in a panic if something in the barn changed, and generally ‘losing it.’  New horses coming into our barn area, which houses him, 2 geldings and (his) mares, would always set him off.  Now, that behavior is just about completely gone.
Within 24 hours of two loading doses of the Horse Formula, his countenance completely changed, along with his behavior.  The aggressiveness toward other horses stopped abruptly, and even the ranch owner noticed it right away.  We have not had even one little hint of a colic episode since those two first loading doses of the herbs.  And his manure has the healthy, rounded oval shape that is expected.  Also, he still passes gas however not nearly as much as before.  The barn is a lot quieter, to say the least!
Now, when my other horses’ manure starts looking unhealthy, they get the same herbs the stallion is on. They respond like clock-work! 

~Gwen Justis, CA

Note: The original Horse Formula is now equated by use of Treasure Tea, Fiberzon Regular and if needed,  additional plain Sangre de Drago)

Learn how food eaten by rainforest animals and people got here for you!.. a treasure hunter discovered this about the real Gold in our rainforests:

I’m glad to answer your questions and will be posting more stories, links and testimonials about it all! 

  I no longer need to spend hours on his feet trying to topically apply things that aren’t going to work. 

Sunny the pony: have had him for two years in which I’ve done homeopathy and general herbs with him.  Never saw a detoxing issue or much of a change at all – he was so STOIC.  In addition, he seemed nervous at times (anxious) and uncomfortable in his body (past saddles/riding had done some damage to his body) and from animal communication over those two years, I learned that it was hard for him to trust and to come into his own body and really experience life.  This made complete sense to me.  I put him on HORSE FORMULA, SUMACAZON AND WARRIOR.  His changes, to me, were nothing less than miraculous!  He has done a “mental” 180 and is a completely different pony.  Relaxed and comfortable in his own skin.  Amazing!  In addition, he suffered a HARD kick to the chest and was having a hard time walking.  I was hoping he would “shake it off” after a day or two but he didn’t.  I confirmed with an osteopath energy healer that indeed, the kick was hard and had reverberated up to the top of his neck.  At that point I got him on intense RECOVAZON therapy (1/2 oz. 4x a day) for 3 days and in 3 days he was walking comfortably and back to himself again.  The vets wouldn’t have been able to do anything close to that!  They would have said put him on “aspirin” (bute) and give him rest.  It would have taken weeks/months of recovery!

My other horse, Titan is a big Belgian draft and has always had issues with fungus in his feet to the point where they would hurt and he would limp.  When the rain came, it just made it all the worse.  For the last 2 years I have tried everything naturally to try and keep on top of it.  And that’s all I was able to do was BARELY keep on top of it.  I put him on TREASURE TEA (liquid in his food at night as well as the tea leaves) and HORSE FORMULA and he is GREAT!  I no longer need to spend hours on his feet trying to topically apply things that aren’t going to work.  I can see that his issue is being taken care of nutritionally from the inside out and it has made a huge difference – he’s HEALED of his foot fungus issues!

 My last horse, Jazz also had a foot issue.  She had a back foot that grew a crack and my farrier and I could not get rid of it for almost 2 years.  Chemically and naturally, we tried to fix it thinking there was bacteria or fungus that just kept festering in there.  I put her on RECOVAZON, TREASURE TEA and HORSE FORMULA and her foot is now starting to grow normally!  The bacteria/fungus growing deep inside is gone and the foot is growing now as it should! I know most of you don’t have horses – but these products have been nothing less than amazing.  The results are FAST and CORRECT.  Thank goodness I found this company!  If anyone you know has horses, please have them contact me and I would be glad to help them!

~Sarah Wengernuk, MD

Send in your  comments and photos of your own Amazon Animals and your own personal experiences. We’d like your own pix, too!

 Get inspired to  explore extraordinary nutrition and to share your experiences…by viewing Cousteau Societies  beautiful documentary clip

Do you know how, animal companions and all….You are already a Beneficiary of the Rainforests?!  Soon to post!

Power Foods for People with a Passion for Performance . . .

“Given relative equalities, it will be true that the athlete (mental or physical, and of any spcies) ingesting the higher vitalities and projecting them as power, relaxtion, focus, stamina, more time in pure consciousness/The Zone will inevitably out-last and out-perform others and relish a levels of inner and outer attainment  unavailable to others.”   –Winterhawk

Thank you so much for the Amazon Herbs and Treasure Tea!  I had six large cups (two bags) and I can’t wait to try more.  There is definitely a benefit to this in that I feel cleansed and well-hydrated.  

I’ve started a ritual of the Tea and Pure Camu beverage.  Camu was an acquired taste, but the effects are a little astonishing.  Am I crazy or do I feel a little more present, alert, and more energetic?  I need to “power” down the day.  The Treasure Tea soothes my nerves. 

~L., NY

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