Calm Down Peter Puppy Children’s Story with audiobook and Song

From wonderful friend, healer, colleague Marilyn Gordon, I just LOVE this!

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Calm Down Peter Puppy: A Relaxing, Calming, Comforting Story for Children 2 to 8 with Free Audiobook and Song


Peter is the adorable puppy with a heart full of love, and he’s here to give that to you and your children.

It’s a book for children 3-8 called Calm Down, Peter Puppy.
It’s about an adorable furry white Pomeranian puppy who’s a little ball of energy. His mommy tells him that he needs to calm down, and so she and the other furry dogs in his family help him to feel relaxed and calm through some amazing things that they do.

As you might have guessed, I’m using hypnotic techniques and tons of love to help Peter and all the children and their families who read and listen to this book and free audiobook.
It’s available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.


Here’s a one minute video about it with very special music!

And here’s the link for the book on Amazon
It comes with a free audiobook and song!
Peter, the adorable puppy calms down when his mommy, Patsy Pom Pom, and his whole family show him tender loving care and help him to create a special state of relaxation and peace. Peter also finds his special place in his mind where he can feel happy and safe.
It’s a perfect antidote for our modern world with its anxieties and challenges and an opportunity to create healing and miracles.



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