Beneficial Uses

Some Beneficial Uses and Purposes


Animal Communications

Notifications: Moving, vacation, vet, ferrier, surgery, change of homes, new memeber coming or one lvg.

Introduction: Prep. current and new animals, or animals experiencing children in a/coming to family.

Behaviors: Address cause, or changes in them.

Dietary: Assesment, refinement. What works for individual, what does not/why? Education/options. Referrals to bio-nutritional therapist as needed.

Job/Activity Choices: Discover/implement innate contributions. Choose appropriate and enjoyable skills, games for animal, person. Therapy or house dog, park play or agility, casual or competitive?

Changes: In human family; careers, schedule, availability to animal, emotional changes in people–why and how to handle it, people coming into or leaving family—kids to college/camp, person passing or one in family becomes ill, injured or elder, to hospital or longer nursing care.

Fears: Causes and resolution. Understand abuse and abandonment, neglect, grief, from animal’s view and needs–what kinds of healing are needed and how to accomplish it.

Adoption: Whether to adopt rescue animal, special needs and therapies education and ethical adaptation/follow through. Matching person with appropriate species and breeds. Matching incoming members to temperament/environment of animal considered. Education on introductions. Help Foster folks in release.

Losing Family: Animal to re-home or has been abandoned, help him understand why, follow up appropriately emotionally in grieving and transition to shelter, rescue gp. Or new home.

Training: Appropriate style for animal, understand its purpose, what is expected, help learning curve along if necessary. Assist learning, enhance innate skills with Flower Essences

Dangers: Inform of/how to best interact with local wildlife, areas, and plants, unsafe for outdoor animals.

Legal issues:  Animal has been aggressive, how to help through detention or euthanasia. Educate people about their options and prepare both animal and human.

Remain: In body? If quite challenged with aggression issues, as a badly bred animal. Prepare for transition to spirit or to new circumstances if human cannot provide safe environment for others and the animal.

Partially Disabled: Inform animal of options, like a hind-end cart for partial paralysis. Determine her desire to live as disabled animal, or choose to move on. assist with blindness or deafness challenges.

Prepare:  For surgeries; Dental, amputation, spay or neuter, other. Explain prep and post-op and expectations. Help animal choose, as in cases of amputations, thryroid issues or cancers, whether surgery is appropriate to individual.

Medical: Determine causal and/or experiential level via animal.

Modalities: Determine per individual animal which modalities could produce best potential response.

Euthanasia: Create clear understanding of choices, timing, and signs. Address animal’s own loss and concerns.

“Natural” Passing: Determine if appropriate for an animal to wind-down on his own. Monitor process and set up ahead of time available intercession if change occurs. Realize domestic animals will never actually experience a naturally timed or naturally occuring passing, due to length of life, regular feeding, shelter, affection and previous/current medications. Help make good choices for euthanasia if needed or preferred by animal. Make good choices per the individual nature of the animal and of her family.

Grieving: Assist animals and humans to grieve in most supported manner for any and all issues or pending events.

Wild Animal: Assistance, things they need, what we can do hands-on, and with prayer and energy work.

Healings: Provide hands on or energetic healings and referrals to additional modalities and practitioners, for hands on and remote work. Includes veterinary, flower essences, bodywork chiropractic, bio-nutritional therapists, and online resources.

Nurturing and Healing the Human Companions:

Further: Uunderstanding of animal’s general and specific purposes and roles

Deepen: Bonds and trust through understanding and relief of resistance in challenges.

Educate: about nutrition, legalities, training, therapies, activities, working-animal options, animal culture.

Prepare: Human companions, animals and family members for most healing release from home in appropriate ways when necessary, of animals and all members when necessary for euthanasias.

Teach: Effective observation and listening skills. Introduce and educate about complimentary modalities.

Assist: Humans to find positivity of attitude and action/empowerment animals challenges, worldwide.

Provide: Sessions and understanding of spiritual connection to their companions, power animals, and nature spirit guides, as well as to humans and animals that have passed.

Promote: Well-Being skills in human companions. Help to see where their own levels of consciousness health are being reflected clearly in health and behavior within their animal family.

Promote: Honorable, inclusive and co-creative human/Divinity/animal/nature connections.

I Recommend!    Beauty and Benefits of Animal Commune-ication  

 Read, and hear, stories about the value of consultation in a variety of instances, from the animals and from their people’ point of view.

See eBook page for free Sampler download and to purchase yours and gift an introduction or book to  a friend.

 “Listen to the Animals, Hear Yourselves.”

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