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I Hear, See and Feel What Your Horses Experience!

“Winterhawk’s communications skills have provided me with invaluable insights into our horse’s needs, backgrounds and behaviors.  These included shoeing and the transition to going barefoot.  studying their reactions to living quarters and dealing with diet and specific health issues. learning of their satisfactions and concerns about various locations on our little ranch; and in helping me to make them most comfortable. 

 Through her I have been able to warn them about dangers from snakes, brushfire, and intruders.”
~ Stephanie Dillon, Jamul, California


My consultations help your Show, Race, Working, and Pleasure horses tell You how to keep them:

  • Well
  • Happy
  • Fear-Free
  • Responsive
  • Productive

Learn directly from your horse what s/he needs in order to experience:

  • Enhanced physical/mental/emotional comfortAnn Torrez art_see links
  • Best choice/result from treatment modality options
  • True customization of tack and shoe type/fit
  • Optimal diet/supplementation program
  • Better herd/pack relations
  • Relief form feat/timidity/anxiety/aggression
  • An end to repetitive injury cycles
  • Enhanced response to training
  • Confident performance
  • Appropriate choices for life extension or transition
  • Quality and timely transition
  • Deepest companionship with you
  • Fullest expression of joy/talents in their physical body

Thorough insight into an animal’s nature and body are best gained by respectfully acknowledging the ability of these companions to express their own experiences, and use of our own ability to receive these impressions.
~ Winterhawk

  “I no longer need to spend hours on his feet trying to topically apply things that aren’t going to work…”        See Amazon Herb page!

 “Leonardo got his new horse shoes on yesterday and was so sweet and quiet throughout.  I can tell he is already more comfortable.  He even gave me a kiss, which he had never done, ever.  Since he was born, this was a thing he would never ever do, and yesterday he did it on his own.
Your communication is AMAZING!!!!!!!”

~Ann Torres, CA

“I have used Winterhawk’s skills in numerous ways to help my horse, Johnny Reb.  She has helped me with diet, dentistry, chiropractic work, bodywork, behavioral problems, tack fit, picking a trailer that suited him, and medical situations.  We have benefited immensely from our relationship with Winterhawk.”
~ Tamara Cover, Petaluma, California

“Listen to the Animals, Hear Yourselves”

 winterhawk@animalconsultations.com       707-583-2348

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