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A Memorium  … Participate  here  in honoring your loved ones, and healing yourselves.

Animals share with us the privilege of having a soul. ~Pythagoras

Experiencing that these animal souls, and our heart connections with all our loved ones, live eternally is  the great healing gift received through Spirit Sessions.

To Live fully and Die Well:

Remember the angelic experience you had when holding Presence for my Passing.
It is a Gift for you to draw on whenever you must release a loved one.
It is especially a gift for you, dear friend, so that you may live more fully without a fear of death
— Simon, Maine Coon Cat, CA

“The wound is where the Light enters you.” ~Rumi


“The gifts my clients and  I have  received from Winterhawk’s counseling regarding  beloved animals’ passings are immeasurable and eternal, invariably  transforming pain into inexpressible healing and beauty for all concerned.”
~ Susan Draffan, Ojai, CA – Flower Essence Practitioner, Animal Communicator
Toby and Quan Yin

Toby Lee Myers and Quan Yin, One Heart


Good Blessings to Toby Lee who made his Journey  quite peacefully on 4/8/11.  Toby  and Family were gifted a extended time of Grace, in which he often visited his beloved garden and flowers. He was a loving big brother to Dudley, Calvin and Maggie, special transformer of life to his Mom, Mary, and dutiful “family co-Captain” with his Dad, Tim. He will be forever thanked for his devoted good nature and adored by all who love him.

Toby Sharing Magic with the Earth



I (Mary) have had many inquiries on whether I had an altar for Toby Lee as I did for Oliver.  The answer, of course, is YES, as it helps with my healing.  Tomorrow, he will be buried in the ground in the backyard which he loved.  He communicated that as “His sweetest preference”.

Love to you Toby Lee, you will bloom in our hearts always!

Family and Friend's Loving Toby-Tributes

Compassion Enlightenment and love for family and friends
Are always Present with Toby Lee, wherever he Journeys.
Thank You, Toby for sharing such a Heart.
Otter Was a Neat-Nik
Otter thought one could save time by napping in the washer,  coming out Fluffy and leaving more time to Play.  He loved Everyone, taking to his first older brother Neroli, then welcoming newcomer Fox, outdoor-and a lot Thanks to his playful enticing, now in and out Little Samantha, and new Tiger  Samantha.
We all sure miss , and fully received your messages of confidence, befriending all, and play being so important! Your Mom said if you were a young hu-man you’d have been the popular, nice quarterback guy in school, a charmer and a big heart.
Love you Otter, Thank You for Gracing home, garden, family, and friends in your short time here.
Otter’s loving folks are Nicole  and David.  We thank them for sharing their wonderful cat family including their feral communities.
Cat, Update Call on 1/1/10
Touching base on New Year’s to let you know that Ella  is doing just absolutely great.
It took 2 months to get her really turned around completely so I felt comfortable that she was better.
I thought often of putting her to sleep at that one point after her coming so close to passing.
Your advice to wait a few days made all the difference. I appreciate your suggestions, wisdom, and emails.
I will be ordering more of the delicious and nourishing Treasure Tea, too, for both of us.
Thanks and appreciation for all your help. It has made a world of difference for me in the holidays and in starting a new year to have my fuzzy, furry companion here with me and looking top notch. — J.R., CA
Ella lived into the end of March, despite thyroid and other challenges, having a pretty good time of it overall. She communicated several times quite clearly her intention to continue, and asked that no major or further lifesaving interventions be made.  She opted out of  “spending her good remaining time recuperating” from a possible surgery. Instead she gave thanks that the footwork of her care be done but that the “up and downs of symptoms be just what was happening, not the focus of concern”.
Life and her Mom were what was most important, so she requested we observe her most often with our highest awareness, seeking and praising all that was working well.  She requested we observe her most often with our highest awareness, seeking and praising all that was working well. Winterhawk
These last few days have been very difficult. I have never had to put a pet to sleep before . . . when I was little, my cats died of “natural causes” or my dad (a veterinarian) put our dogs to sleep when it was time.  I had never had to make that decision.
God bless you, Winterhawk, for your assistance in communicating with Ella after her passing.                — J.R., CA
“Oh, heart, if one should say to you that the soul perishes like the body, answer that the flower withers, but the seed remains.” Kahlil Gibran


Tina and Curlo, Then, and Now

Tina the Singapura and Grand Champion Rex, Curlo, First acquainting, here, and meeting again now in Spirit.  They are Beloveds of Mary, CA

Healing Grief of Animals Passing …see my Healing Humans page

“The wound is where the Light enters you.” ~Rumi


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