Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu A Blessing for All Beings

Intention to Bless All

Intention to Bless All

May All Beings in All Realms Be Happy!

Here, we aim toward understanding and honoring All Traditions and Paths, including those of the Animal Nations and Nature Beings.

Lokah is chanted multi-culturally, universally, prayed round the clock in many places.

It is a wonderful centering chant, an elegant and simple way to bring forward and nurture ones Compassionate Heart and Mind.

The Animals, Nature and People feel its strong Intention, Blessings and Hope for All.

It is a Prayer Bridge to remembering the Truth of our connection, our One-ness.

Share it with all of them, and enjoy your own increasing Peace along with that of Others.

You can chant aloud or within, drum, play an instrument … simply and with focus, send it into the World, manifest it into all lives and hearts.


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