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eBook Excerpt, Whether you believe, i.e., …

I came back from a business trip to find out that Cimmaron’s owner had invited somone to ride my leased horse, an ex-polo participant with previous injuries, during my absence. They had used a saddle that didn’t fit his back, and they rode him hard. He was in extreme pain, so much so that he could not tolerte anyone standing next to him. He was gnashing at everyone, and bit me.

The owner said she called the vet, and nothing could be done for the horse. She was going to have him put down. I asked if I could try to help and told her I would pay for everything.  She gave me 24 hours …

Joy Cat: Will my Person Bite Me?

Barbara had an insight that Joy might feel the kissing her head and fur, so enjoyed by her as a loving Cat Mom, might feel to her cat friend like when cats groom each other then sometimes get to biting. Joy acknowledged this, “I love touch, but… Watch for late June 2010 release: Beauty and Benefit […]

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