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Thank you  – the new little pussycat seems really much more settled.  We moved her bed, as she asked.  We already have one less mouse (a major part of her job description!) And, she is eating dinner in the kitchen after we have gone to bed.
She has got into a routine and seems to be enjoying herself. 

We have been playing with the kitty toys, and she’s very enthused.

P.,  CA

     Just great to have you come to the farm.  We learned so much about the many dogs, cats and the pigs.  I would also love to have you check out the horses and donkeys.  I want to know who is up for pulling a wagon!   Cheers!

N. S., CA

     Thank you so much for the wonderful session. B. Cat has been so calm and lovey-dovey since.
Fondly,    N. B., CA

      Thank you for the great session, I was very impressed with your mixture of intuition/spiritual connection, coupled with a professional & knowledgeable projection. 

D. R.,  FL

     Thank you so much for refering me to Susan Draffan for Essences!  She has done wonders with Spock.  He’s like a new dog, so  much calmer and relaxed.  She has been a joy to work with, and I would be willing to back up any referral that you make.  I can’t image what happened to him in his earlier life;  I guess I can’t  imagine the cruelity that people can inflict on animals, babies, kids, etc.  But I am pleased that he lives here now and is on a more peaful track in his life.  Best regards.

S. F., CA

     Thank you for your generous heart and deep wisdom. Things really shifted after our dog consultation with you.  Lila stopped her bullying and became much more relaxed around food with Buffie and with Buffie in general.   I returned the crate, and when I leave her, I close off the front room (sort of a little living room with a comfy chair  —  where  Sadie sat  —  where she can look out the window) and leave her there with food, water and hidden treats.  She does fine!  When I remember (!),  I also remind her to ground, and if I don’t have time (rushing out the door) I ask Jasmine to help Lila ground.

Per the Flower Essences I am hopeful it will help Buffie with her feeling that she could have done more for loved ones.

So thank you, thank you again. We send you love and hugs, and smooches and licks, lots of woofs, purrs and a big meow!

 S. P., , Lila, Buffie and Jasmine, CA

Millie (Dog) is doing well.  she still hovers and wants to go out, but stays in (it’s getting colder and now we have snow) and doesn’t do any more damage to the house.

S. H.

     Snobunny  (Rabbit) is much improved as a result of her conversation with you, and a little time in her “bunny hotel”.  She is finishing her daily portions of greens and a bit of her usual sassiness is back.

I will get the homeopathic remedy recommended by Dr. P.  tonight and see what happens.   Snobunny’s tummy is still gurgling almost constantly, but the diarrhea has largely stopped already. Yeah!

V. B.,  CA 


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  1. Comment by Adele:

    Our Austrailian Cattle Dog, Earl, got his tail injured during our move to MI in November 2010.  After numerous vet visits, the tail was healing but Earl was not, so he kept re-injuring it.  Winterhawk’s council and guidance is bringing our boy back to his normal, happy little 2-year old self.  Susan Draffan’s essences, Dr. Sue’s homeopathic recommendations and constant guidance and contact from Winterhawk have led us on a journey of discovery, healing and peace. We are blessed to be surrounded with such intelligence and compassion. I know now where to turn if my path gets too rocky or I can’t see ahead.  Thank you from my heart!

    A.G., MI

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